10 tips to help you get through rehab

Acceptance is the first step to recovery. Acknowledging your addiction and embracing the need for help will lead the way to a healthy and sober life. In getting the most out of your rehabilitation, having the proper mind set and the conviction to get your life back are the keys. To get you ready for the treatment and the journey you are about to embark, here are a few tips that would be helpful on your road to recovery.

1. Don’t ever forget the purpose why you are there

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down and out you easily get distracted and would tend to lose focus on the purpose of the treatment. When you feel like giving up and and you think it is really hard, just keep yourself focused and imagine the prize when you finally achieved sobriety.

2. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

This experience would be very new to you and sometimes it can be alienating.Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how irrelevant you may think it is. It is important that you understand every step of the process.


3. Always be present

Never lose yourself and stay in the moment. No time for worrying on how long it will take to finish the program.

4. Always follow the rules, no matter what

Being in your situation is no easy task. It is really very tough and for someone who got used to not following rules, it can be frustrating and hard. This is the time to have some humility and manage your behavior and temper. Having good relationships with facility staff and other guests in the center will make your recovery easier.

5. Always be patient

Recovery is a life-long journey. There’s no determined finish line in addiction recovery, you will always have to continue learning and heal at your own pace.


6. Always have the willingness to get better

Make it a life-long goal to be willing to make good changes in your life. Sustained willingness will lead to long-term recovery.

7. Always make time for yourself

Allocating a few minutes each day to reflect on your day, your feeling and the progress you’ve made allows you to process the treatment.

8. Always keep an open mind

Learn about yourself, discover things about you that you didn’t know you had in you before. Be open to learning new things and to the suggestions of other people.

9. Be committed to the program

Going through the program will not be easy, you will have bad days and good days.  But this is the only opportunity for you to focus on yourself, on your growth and healing without the distractions. Be committed to follow through with it and you will have no regrets.

10. Be honest

Addicts has a natural tendency of being dishonest. Almost in every case, the addiction cannot be sustained without lying, cheating and deception. During these days in rehab, this is your time to learn to be honest to let go of the need to lie, manipulate or deceive.

There is no “quick fix” to getting through drug rehabilitation. You have to do a lot of work to finish the program and be able to completely recover from your addiction. Talking to counselors and other guests will help ease the pain and the heartaches you’re feeling, but you have to do the work and be committed to it. No one can do it for you. We hope that the tips will help work through the treatment and can get you focused on your recovery to a fulfilling life that is free from drugs, alcohol and whatever that is keeping you from being really happy.

For a successful recovery, visit Turning Point Wellness and Rehabilitation at Barangay Malbago, Daanbantaya, Cebu. To know more about their program and their facility, you may call the center at 0927 154 2999 or send them an email at turningpointrehabph@gmail.com.

You may also visit their website at www.turningpointrehabcebu.com or like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/CebuDrugRehab/.



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