Illuminate your Brand

flyers (1)LED large-screen display walls offer a wide range of possibilities for events and advertising. A myriad of different components, including projectors, controllers and screens, are available to suit exactly the wall needed for every application. It’s brightness and high resolution display makes it the most sought after tool in outdoor advertising.

It has become the most cost-effective equipment in putting up ads for business and creating amazing events and shows. The setup is completely easy and makes changing ad campaigns a breeze, and are effortlessly programmed via personal computer which means no hazard charges and more peace of mind for both client and ad provider.

Newluxe International Inc.,  offers the most complete range of LED products to cater to all demands for indoor and outdoor LED display for events, retail and advertising. It takes pride in providing only the best service and support for the customers.  Every step of the way,  full support is given to clients by providing products that are specific to their needs, from the installation to the safe operations of an indoor or outdoor LED product.

For more information and complete list of products, call (032)234 7906 or send an email to You may also like their Facebook page


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