Getting your life back at Turning Point Wellness Center

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Getting through drug addiction is no walk in the park, recovering from this disease is a gradual process and takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Every moment spent in getting your life back is an everyday struggle, just like learning how to walk, talk and learn all the basics all over again.

Enrolling in a rehab facility is just the first step but choosing the right rehabilitation center with the right program would make or break the recovery process. The right treatment program and the perfect facility are the keys to recovery and getting your life back – a way out of the mess, healthier lifestyle, restored family relationships and a boosted self-confidence.

Turning Point Wellness Center understands all these and their goal is to help drug dependents, alcoholics and people with addictions to fix their lives one step at a time. Their approach to taking slow, small steps with a positive and determined attitude have already helped a lot emerge from the darkness.

Located in a picturesque and calm beachfront in Daanbantayan, Cebu, giving clients a calm and beautiful environment that will complement the 12 step program for a more holistic treatment thus creating a long term result and a higher success rate for recovery.

If you know someone who is currently trapped in an endless cycle of desperation and hopelessness due to addiction, there is hope at Turning Point Wellness Center. For more information you may check out or like their Facebook page You may also call 0927 154 2999.


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