NewLuxe International Inc.

Children have an innate desire to play and enjoy games and it is their right to play independently, hear, see and talk and it is the parents and the communities’ responsibility to support this biological, social and psychological need of young children by providing a fun and safe environment to play and develop their physical and social skills and create lasting memories.

In a recent study, children playing together allow them to focus on what they have in common and less on their differences. In providing this kind of environment that focuses on kids’ similarities, they become more inclusive and respectful of each individual’s differences.

NewLuxe International provides high-quality, fun, stimulating, imaginative and challenging playgrounds for children of all abilities. It provides cost-effective play solutions that clearly address the specific needs of each community. Judy Cometa-Go, CEO believes that playgrounds should reflect the needs of their users to achieve challenging play projects perfect for active growing children.

For more information like their Facebook page or call (032) 234 – 7906.



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