New Player, Game Changer

unnamedPress Start! PR and Marketing is the marketing and public relations team that offers a vast range of capabilities and allegiance to innovation that tailors and executes programs suited to specific business goals.

They specialize in two distinct areas: strategic brand planning, which comprises strategic consulting, distribution and business advisement, internet and social media strategy. Second is marketing and communications execution that focuses on the following: public relations, advertising, media relations, marketing influencing, collateral and design, partnerships, social media execution, identifying and research on target market.

This new breed of marketers, public relations and branding specialists are set to conquer the market through authentic values that consumer shares. They listen, act and collaborate with the capability to create experiences and emotions, fuses culture with social issues to tell complex stories and inspire action in communities of enthusiasts and influential voices that consumers will embrace, translating it into sales for their clients to achieve organic exponential growth.

To get in touch with Press Start! PR and Marketing visit  or . You may also send an email to or call 0908 810 4052 or 0926 759 6973.




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